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AYE.. I would hate to think. Probably every non clay slam for 9-10 years straight (and counting). .Unless he faced God-mode Safin of course. But God-Mode Safin showed up maybe twice or three times in his entire career (USO 2000, AO 2005)

The top field from 03-06 SUCKED royally. (Of course 2007 wasn't much better but Nadal had finally begun to emerge by then)

Andre was still pretty serviceable, but old by that point.. hardly in his prime anymore. His prime more or less ended in 2000 or 2001. He was still capable of beating Roger even at an old age, but with a bad back and slowing movement, he couldn't hang through an entire match with Rog (2003-2005) As Charles Barkley says, "Father time is undefeated"

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