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Well at least we put a point on the board this year. The loss is Dom Maden really hurt in doubles as Ansari was not ready for that. There were chances on courts 1 and 2 for Clemson Harrington had a lot of chances to take the 2nd set vs Pieters. Y Maden led in the first set tiebreak 4-0, before Pasha dug in more and Yannick could not finish him.
I was most impressed by Wagland , he was very tough. Solid baseliner who knows when to get aggressive. Meza was playing his game but Wagland was too much.
Ansari played well at 6 to take the 1st set from Brasseaux 6-4, before Manny Diaz ignored everyone's wishes and pulled the plug on the match.

Hopefully this match becomes very important. It was an important lesson that despite the improvements the team isn't there yet.
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