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My update on my 105s... my second one just arrived at my club today. That is where I demo'd this stick, liked it, and knew I'd get two... so I ordered one thru TW, and ordered the second one thru the club as appreciation for the opportunity to demo the stick a number of times... gotta say, my club charged the exact same price as I paid TW (not including sales tax). Figured they'd bump it $10-$20 and I was ok with that as part of buying local... but they didn't. Good for them.

For a quality check, I weighed both racquets unstrung and with no grip (I do not like the fat white grip the stick arrives with).... racquet #1- 9.680oz, racquet #2- 9.635oz close enough for me.

String wise to those with these racquets... DO NOT use a multi-sided extruded string... i.e. Dunlop Black Widow (7 sided). These multi sided strings work really well for about 15 minutes, then start to notch, and within an hour or two you'll have some serious notching to the extent that it affects the ability of the string to slide. I cut out the Black Widow with about 4 hours of play on it because I don't want it snapping during my session tomorrow... and I am not a string breaker at all, but these looked like they are on the verge of popping.

I am trying Kirschbaum Pro Line II @54# in one, MSV Hepta-Twist @ 54# in the other. I've never used the Hepta-Twist before, and I tried the Pro Line long ago and thought it was decent... I think I used it in my Becker S.E. (which is a much heavier racquet). By the way, the red Pro Line looks decent, but is not a perfect match with the frame, but the Hepta-Twist is white and looks really sharp.

Always ready to experiment with strings and tensions... the Luxilon 4G was ok, but I need to try it lower. Tho for the price, I'm not that concerned about trying it again because I'm sure I'll find a go-to string that costs a lot less. I tried it at 62# and 59#... will try at 55# in future. Liked the Black Widow, but this won't last long as I stated above.

Strings I have on hand to try: Babolat Revenge, Boris Becker Bomber, Yonex Poly Tour, and 2 more packs of Lux 4G. I also have a partial reel of Tourna Big Hitter Black 7... but that is multi-sided too, and also a couple of packs of Dunlop Juice 16... again, multi sided (and yellow...ugh). Also got a "free" pack in my RSI magazine today... I don't feel like getting up to verify, but I think it was a set of Prince... have to give that a shot too. (Edit: it is Head Sonic Pro)

After those I'm gonna try packs of string that also come in cheap reels... see if any of those suit my style.

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