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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Having seen several juniors pass through my club over the years and get some kind of college scholarship, and having seen both those who took lots of lessons and those who were coached by their parents, I have one question. When people say that college scholarship does not provide the return on investment in the financial sense, what is being compared?

Isn't it the case that many families can afford some lessons, stringing, tournaments for their kid on an incremental basis month after month, but would find coming up with the big money for college at the end of high school to be the main issue? And the tennis expenses are spread out and not subject to the kind of tuition fees hikes which far outpace inflation?

If that is true, then college scholarship is a good deal, right?
I guess the point is the families could save or invest the money they are spending on tennis from age 10 to age 18 and they would have more than enough to pay for college.

However, I think lots of people are paying less than the value of a 4 year scholarship when accounting for 8 years of training and tournaments. A full ride scholarship could be worth upwards of 240,000.

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