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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I see little reason for a stronger pair to team up together.
Better than strongest play with the weakest, while the two middle level players play together.
This was probably how it was. The other team's 3.5 was a guy, who, by Cindy's reckoning, is closer to a 4.0 in his level of play. A 4.0 (or very high 3.5 even) guy would typically be the best player when the other 3 are 2 4.0 women and a 3.0 woman.

Anyways, I think there was nothing wrong with how things played out. Alot of it just depends on the personality of the person in question, but most of the 3.0 women I've played in social mixed (which admittedly isn't many) typically have wanted to see how they can do against my and other better players 'good' shots and expect nothing less.
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