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Originally Posted by lendl1986 View Post
There's usually a parent filming at basketball, baseball, and soccer tournaments. Never heard of an official asking them to stop.

I can't understand why some parents and tourney directors would be against it.

I have taped 10s of matches at the adult level, for what its worth. Never had a USTA official or an opponent decline.
Well, I can see where some cautious, overprotective (?) parents of minors who are girls might assume the worst about people filming their daughters as they're competing.

But I don't see how that differs from fans filming minors who are girls competing in a juniors diving competition or girls high school volleyball or girls basketball.

I think it just comes down to these parents assuming the worst when it comes people filming their daughters playing tennis.

Personally, I think these parents are slightly neurotic and it might say something about the mentality of some "tennis parents" in general.
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