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Some response from the ex pro players:

Ray Buchanan: "He has not at all obeyed protocol for wide receivers. And with all due respect to Randy Moss, I had to do a lot more film study to get ready for Jerry because I had to get ready for every route. He ran every route available, to perfection, and he ran them all the same, so it was almost impossible to stop. With Randy, I didn't even have to watch film, because it was all about the 'Go' route."

"With Moss, it was like checkers. With Rice, it was like chess. It was a totally different ballgame. I'm gonna be honest with you – a lot of defensive backs don't want to mention that we're nervous or intimidated at our position. We've got our egos that are strong. But me coming from Indy and coming to [the Falcons in] that division [with the 49ers], I honestly had tornado storms in my stomach."

Marshall Faulk: When I asked Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk about the Rice vs. Moss debate, he answered, "What debate? Why do I need to comment on something that doesn't even merit discussion?"

Cris Carter: "I wish Randy had said 'greatest deep threat' instead of 'greatest receiver,' " Carter said. "Jerry struck a lot of fear in defenders, but there was a whole different set of fear with Randy. He could gut you right now. He could score from anywhere on the field. And from an athletic standpoint, there is nothing I would take Jerry Rice over Randy on.

"Jerry is more complete. When it came to route running and yards after the catch, a term they invented because of Jerry, he was the greatest. Most of all, when Jerry stands before God, he'll have gotten everything possible out of his ability. When Randy stands before God, he'll still have some left."

Eric Davis: "Jerry is the greatest receiver, period," Davis said. "You had to defend the entire field, because he ran every route. Randy, with his size and speed and hands, is the greatest deep threat we've ever seen. There's a reason we called him a 'freak.' There are very few that have ever had that type of impact. But he would still fall short of Jerry Rice, the greatest impact player the game has ever seen."

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