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One other major reason why so many pre-Open and early Open era singles players were very good at dubs was the fact that the games were more similar then, most players served and vollyed in singles and of course that was and is the staple of doubles. Contrast that with today when none of the top singles players serve and volley much and you can understand why they would not excel at dubs, though there are exceptions.
True enough. But the trend started for doubles specialists I guess around the mid 1970's or so for the top singles players not to play doubles to rest for the singles. I think that hurt the quality of talent playing double. I would tend to think that everything being equal the top singles players, assuming they have more talent should also do better than in doubles than doubles specialists. Of course it's not necessarily true because it depends on the chemistry of the team. A Newcombe and Roche, with great chemistry and a perfect doubles style may do better than doubles specialists because they have greater weapons and talent. Hard to match the excellent serves of both combined with their super volleying.

I have no doubt if the top players today played more doubles the volleying standard today would go way up. John McEnroe used the doubles as an alternative to practice.

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