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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
Did you just mention Bose and audiophile in the same thread???

Bose is as far from audiophile as audio gets. Bose is just a cheaper version of Bang & Olufsen.
Yeah, I'm not going to pile on here, but there's so much face palm worthy stuff going on in this thread...

I'm a "headphone" guy, but I rarely use them to their full potential, even if I accrue enough equipment to make nice cans shine, you still have source issues, which is another fat wad of cash disappearing. I actually "got into" headphones largely due to the DIY amp scene (I'm an electrical engineer). Fun stuff, but digital audio is too portable and compelling for me to invest my money into vinyl/other high end sources.

I've resigned myself to keeping computers, tennis/stringing, and hardware hacking/DIY as my expensive hobbies.

As far as OP: Just go read head-fi for a while, and re-read this thread in a year, you'll know what I mean
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