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Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
If you go against the wishes of the TD, what's to stop him from defaulting your kid from the tourney? You can protest all you want, and write a letter to the section chief, but the fact is you have to go home.

I agree that USTA or each section needs to codify the rules regarding videotaping. These days anyone can just pull out a phone and record an hour of video. Most of them are just taping their own kid for improvement purposes, which I see nothing wrong with.
It's amazing what you see when you quietly watch a lot of matches at these tournaments. I'd always seen coaches taping matches or parts of matches, often concentrating on some particular aspect(s) of play - footwork, BH, etc. But, over the past year or spo, I have started to notice people (usually parents) taping matches to document cheating or bad behavior.

In one case a kid went (on his own, without the parent's involvement) to get an official for problems with the opponent's line calls. The Dad was, however, filming and got on tape the other kid changing the score on the flip cards on the side of the net. That would have been very hard to prove if the cheater (and the cheater's parent) started self-righteously iinsisting he was being falsely accused. As it was, the kid who changed the score was DQ'd from the tournament and suspended for a few months because there was proof.

The TDs are spineless in capitulating to anyone who objects to people who simply want to film their own child or student for learning purposes. But I have occasionally seen them actually get proactive in overseeing a match when the parent comes right out and says he/she is filming because their childs opponent behaves so badly or cheats like mad as soon as the official leaves the area (which is what typically happens).

I totally understand the objection any parent might have to a potential stranger filming their child. That would freak me out, too, I think. But perhaps the default should be that if there is contention about a player's behavior or not following rules, that the other player has the option to film to support complaints.

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