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Originally Posted by wangs78 View Post
Fed at 31 can beat any of those guys from 03-06, except perhaps an in-form Safin (almost never happens). He's still great at dealing with big servers so I don't think a young Roddick will do much better. The big reason that people never mention that Murray and Djokovic and Nadal are so good is that they played against Federer when they still had several years to improve, so when Fed set the bar so high they were able to hit that bar. Players who are Fed's age, by the time they played a prime Fed they had already maxed out their abilities and there was no room left to improve in any big sort of way.
Federer owned the H2H with Safin 10-2. I know Safin was plagued by injuries but you can't just assume Safin would be in form and Fed would have trouble with him. Federer would still win 85% of their matches. And Safin was only 1-1/2 years older than Federer.
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