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Well for a player like Nadal that's going to be hard because he's struggling just to compete in single. He doesn't have anything left to compete in double. Nole had a great run from starting 2011 by winning 5 slams. Had he chose to play double and put as much effort to win slam in double, that could possibly cost him winning in single. It's not that easy.

EDIT: I know the Williams Sisters play double, but they don't play that much in single unlike the top tier players in the ATP, and the WTA isn't as brutal as the ATP.
It was a suggestion. I'm not asking for many doubles tournaments played.

Funny how you mention it is not easy since the past players often played a large schedule of doubles as well as singles. Just wanted to point that out.

Someone should research who plays the most singles and doubles nowadays. I would be curious to find out the answer.

Just checked Andy Murray and in 2011 he was number 68 in doubles.
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