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Originally Posted by Stevo Karlovic View Post
I'm not fool enough to buy into only "specs." Obvi, these specs are reminiscent of slews of other frames out there, but the feel blended with such immense power on the XFast Pro is like nothing I've ever dabbled with. I mean, I'm hitting the best drop shots of my life with this when needed - but also serving harder than I ever dreamed possible for myself. Just sayin'...
I recently got an xFast Pro, and have only gotten to hit with it once. But I had the same experience regarding drop shots -- I've never been able to hit such an effective drop shot that changed direction and dies and with this racquet I can. It does well with any kind of soft touch shot. Also felt very effective at defensive play, particularly bunt-backs and digging up low, tailing-away volleys. You can really 'let go' of this racquet and extend it fully and it will still respond. Looking forward to keep dabbling with it, especially for doubles, it seems it will respond well to fast-paced play.

Regarding the X-Feel, I liked that as well and frankly almost wish I had gotten that one instead. Main difference being the X-feel is a racquet that power-wise I would really have to 'bring it' all the time. When I want to play like that I have a radical. . . to me the control of the radical is like a drug to a junkie.

The x-fast is also slightly longer in length and that was appealing as well.
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