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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Real tricky navigation for you, I think. It would be like, "Thanks Coach for getting me early admission to [fill in your Ivy]. Can I play overseas for 6 months and enroll in your school and join your team in January?"

If this is what a recruit wants to do, I think he/she should get out in front, lay the the cards face up on the table, and disclose it during the recruiting process to see what the coach thinks.

If the coach is positive or negative about it, wouldn't both sides want to know then, is my question
Mr. Bill, I think you have convinced me to drop this idea... BTW, I asked my son if he wants to spend his senior year in a full-time academy. He said no - he did not want to miss the fun being a senior and the opportunity of taking 5-6 more APs - I cannot blame him wanting to be a good student first.
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