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Originally Posted by quest01 View Post
Well after around 5 hours of hitting with the 99s the strings snapped. Literally after 2 hours of hitting the strings were moving all over the place. I had it strung with Luxilon ALU Power at 59/60 pounds and even at that tension, the strings still didn't last very long. I had my other 99s strung with 60/61 pounds with the same string so hopefully they last longer.

I'm definitely moving to another string and going to try out the 4G stuff in either the 16 or 15g. The 16L 4G probably won't last much longer than the ALU Power 16L.

The only thing I'm concerned with is that I might generate a lot less spin with a 15g.
Well thats great a high priced poly moving all over after 2 hours and breaking after 5. Who would not want this racket? Wilson hit a homerun alright but it is more like the string companys hit the jackpot. Maybe you should see if you can find some 14 gauge kevlar maybe it will last 6 hours.

I had a vortex spin racket a few years ago and this wilson is nothing more than a wilson vortex. What I ended up doing after having the same problems that you are having is use a 15 gauge low powered cheap syn. main with a cheap first generation poly 15 L. x's and string it in the high 60's and just have 2 rackets and plan on stringing often.

I was using cheap leona 66 main and it played very good and is very cheap with babolat duralast x's and they played great together. I liked the leona main because that with the poly cross gave it even better control.
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