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Default Essay About Gender Inequality/Equality In Sports

My English class is writing essays based on real world issues. I chose to do an essay about gender equality in sports because I see the topic of different prize money values to men and women in tennis all the time in these forums.

I know this might be an issue only found in tennis, but I would like to find out if there is any inequality in other sports as well. Things that can be equal/unequal pay, endorsements, media exposure, and performance based issues.

As of right now, this might be a big controversial issue so I am not choosing a side yet (women should compete equally as men OR women need special conditions in order to compete alongside men). I would like to see how much information I get before I choose a side.

I would like to use credible sources I can take quotes from. Interviews and press conferences would be nice too. This doesn't have to be just TENNIS. ANY sport is welcome to put their input here.

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