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I am demoing it right now and it definitely puts out more spin or at least gives you a loopier trajectory.

If you have a fast swing with a windshield wiper stroke then you should notice a difference. My friend and I that hit western noticed a bit more of a difference than another friend who hits semi western. We were also demoing the new aeropro and a few other racquets, but none of them could reproduce the same effect.

The spin it adds is kind of odd. For me, the ball loses some pace, but goes over the net quite a bit higher and dives down more quickly than usual toward the end of the trajectory. It bounces up higher off the court, but it doesn't feel much heavier than my usual shots because it doesn't penetrate the court as much. I definitely played more consistently with it, especially on my aggressive shots. Even when I flattened out my shots the ball would still dive into the court before it went out.

I was surprised at how much I enjoy volleying with it. I suspected I would dislike serves and volleying, but I am indifferent about serving and pretty pleased with the volleying capabilities.

I currently play with the pb 10 mid for comparisons sake, but I demoed the steam alongside some other similar racquets like the new aeropro. I greatly preferred the steam to the aeropro in almost every aspect, but my friend thought the opposite. I guess it just comes down to preference, like most racquets.

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