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Hey listen, both male and female pro Tennis are relatively poor sports compared with most big sports because way fewer people watch it compared to soccer, football, baseball etc. Only about 100 men & 100 women can earn a living in tennis off prize money. Most businesses don't do huge sponsorship for male and female pro tennis because its not great business, the return on investment isn't good enough to pay huge amount in tennis.

Female sports outside of tennis have the same problem.
Where will the money come from?

Female pro sports:
audience is smaller
ticket sales aren't enough
sponsorship from companies is too low because audience is much smaller
tv time screen time is smaller because audience is smaller
Limited prime time tv slots. Womens leagues will need to be able to muscle out half male league sports to get half the primetime tv viewership.

This is not about sexism in my eyes. Female supermodels earn immensely more than male supermodels. Is there rampant sexism towards males in the fashion industry?.... no.

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