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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
Hi everyone. I'm a new member to this site and could use your help.

I'm trying to decide between the Donnay Formula 100 and Pro One 16x19 and would appreciate any advice.

After searching on this topic on this forum and reading quite a few posts, I noticed that a quite a few forum members started out playing the Donnay Formula 100 and enjoyed using it, but then switched 4-5 months later to the Donnay Pro One 16x19.

Was there a common reason why?

I'm starting to get back into tennis after about 20 years (I'm 41 now). I used to play competitive high school tennis (#3 singles, #2 doubles) and was a decent player (about a 4.0 - 4.5).

I'm was an aggressive baseliner and but would move to the net whenever the opportunity presents itself. I imagine I'd still do the same today.

I have a one handed forehand and two-handed backhead. My primary serve is topspin/sidespin but I can hit it flat when needed.

Thanks again for your help.
Demo if you can, there were a couple of frames that sounded great on paper and really wanted to like but turned out to be a terrible fit when I tried them, then there were others that I put on the demo order only because of a promo offer but I ended up really liking. Take advantage of TW's demo program if you are in the cont. US and don't have local demos of those frames.

I tried the Pro 1 16x19 MP & Formula 100, both were really great frames. The Pro 1 is what I consider to be a very user friendly players racket - traditional feel, flex, control, and swings much heavier than specs indicate, but with more pop than I expect from a players frame and a big sweetspot.
Formula 100 is very very similar to an APD, and not as stiff or powerful as a PD, imo. Great feel and good comfort for a tweener.
You can add lead to any frame so I really don't consider the stock weight and swingweight differences too much. If you like heavier frames and don't like to mod too much, the Pro 1 would be a good fit.

If you haven't tried a modern tweener you'll just have to use one to see if you like it (better w/some lead, IMO). BTW, like you I took a long break. I ended up with a leaded up tweener, swings heftier than some 12oz players frames. I'd just stick with my old rackets if I wanted a players frame.

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