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Over the past six weeks or so I've been switching back and forth between these two grips to see which works best for me. I bought 3 of each for testing.

Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid
UNCUT: 27.2 g (0.96 oz)
CUT installed: 24.2 g (0.85 oz)
Thickness = 2.0 mm (eyeballed with ruler on thickest side)

Wilson Comfort Hybrid
CUT installed: 10.4 g (0.37 oz)
Thickness = 2.5 mm (eyeballed with ruler on thickest side)

The cut/installed figure is the one you should be concerned with as that will be the real weight on the handle. Although the Comfort grip is thicker, being essentially foam, it will compress more than the Shock Shield so will yield a thinner grip. I own both and have been toying with them for a month or so.

Shock Shield is way heavier and more has a more solid feeling when hitting. It seems to increase grip size a little but that's not a biggie for me. The Comfort grip is squishier as it's really air but it doesn't seem to be as comfortable as the Shock Shield. So for comfort go for Shock Shield. For lower weight go with Comfort.

Of the two I definitely prefer the Shock Shield. It does decrease the frame shock considerably which could be due to sheer weight or maybe the gel stuff. Either way it's effective. Somehow it's more substantial weight works to my advantage making the stick more head light. At least now I'm satisfied and put them on all my sticks.
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