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Unorthodox Stinging,

Nice blog. I too find a lot of fur on my strings that I didn't see at higher tensions.

The loss of directional control that you mention was evident when I first dropped down into the 30's, but once I got used to it, I find that I actually have more directional control.

I know you have been reading this thread, but I want to reiterate that I really like my natural gut setup at 30#. It actually seems to infuse a little more spin and power than that syn-gut or hybrid setups. An added benefit is that there is less string movement on the natural gut. I seem to only see significant string movement after I have really ripped one.

The ping pong ball analogy is right on. I hit a shot earlier tonight that blew everybody's mind. I got pulled out wide, but was able to get to the ball. It looked as if it was going back wide, but then it started curling back towards the court. By the time it got to their baseline (actually, about a foot inside of it), it had curled back into the doubles alley for an outright winner.

If you are up for some more experimenting, try going to a 120mm string in at least the crosses. The thinner strings might also help with your loss of directional control. It did for me.

Glad you like the thread.
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