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Probably around the same. Prime Roddick could overpower him like a few of the other big hitters do these days (just look at Wimbledon 2009..just lol at those thinking he'd be a walkover for post-prime Fed)

Hewitt even in '04-'05 pushed Fred to losing sets in a lot of matches and gives him tough matches when they play now and that's after 5 surgeries..even a win at Halle when Federer hadn't lost there in over 6 years, a prime Hewitt would definitely have his chances at Wimbledon and US Open.

Safin again could overpower him, wouldn't even necessarily need to be 'god mode' to beat current Fed, though would still lose more than he won due to inconsistency.

Agassi at any age is tough, pushed him a lot in his prime and could probably outlast current Fed..even at 35 he had Roger on a string sideline to sideline in that US Open final for 3 sets, haven't seen anyone else do something like that since.

Nalbandian could cause an upset anywhere, was a very consistently good player from '03 to around the '06 French Open where he probably beats Fed if not for the abdominal strain.

Then there were the actual clay courters as well -- Ferrero/Guga/Coria/Gaudio/Moya as well as Nadal..would still have trouble winning even 1 RG I think.

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Probably 20 something slams with at least one calendar slam.

Explain to me what year Federer would be able to beat 2006 Nadal at RG, or even Guga for that matter to get the calender slam. He might even have won less as prime Roddick might not lose that Wimbledon 2009 match and Fed was there for the taking in 2008.

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