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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Steamy night on the left coast.

Day 2 impressions: serves bombs. And was shocked at the accuracy, which made no sense to me. Several aces up the T, and one ball that skidded so oddly it garnered a whiff. Second serves a bit tricky. Didn't feel as 'sharp' and 'tuned' as my other frames. Sloppier. ... Groundie slices are spectacular. Forehands do this float and drop thing... My frames and the other demos drive the ball faster off the face, ball is a bit heavier, stay lower. The Steam strikes me as a grinder's dream stick though. ... Surprisingly, I did enough things well to sneak out a 6-4 set win against a 5.0-5.5er who bests me about 8 out of 10 sets we play. He uncharacteristicslly shanked the ball several times.

Second set, used a mix of the leaded Pure Storm Team and Blade. Lost 7-5 but played extremely well with both frames. Everyone knows about the Blade, big flat ball, feel on this one much improved. The sleeper for me is the much less popular Storm Team, leaded up to about 11.7. Thoroughly impressed. It's almost Pure Storm Limited weight but more forgiving and hits big and accurate serves. Always liked the Storm series. Tour was too clunky for me though and the the Limited was amazing but .. Limited. This one cracks em easily and accurately, and the soft-crisp feel is there.

Another positive night for all demos. Can see why PP and Klem love the Blade, why the Steam is a hit among some but not all. For what it's worth, my buddy hit the Steam after we finished set play and he absolutely loved rallying with it, may demo it himself as he's been wanting to get something more forgiving than his Prestige Mid, even though from my perspective, he absolutely goats with that thing, as I've received many beatings and he made it to the finals of a 5.0 league twice with it.
What would you say is the difference between the Pure Storm and the Team version in play?
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