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Polarized racquets (weight distributed more towards the tips of the racquets) tend to favour 2 hand backhands due to the less stability compared to an oldschool Depolarized racquet.

When it comes to Racquet setups, think Yin and Yang.

Depolarized racquets will favour a one hand backhand if you like to hit hard/flat shots. Because of its added stability and penetration off the string bed. Most serve volley players preffered it. But it has little margin for error, especially at the back of the court and will be more prone to unforced errors with out proper preparation.

Polarized racquets have a greater room for error because it has a higher "spinny loop" clearance over the net. Usually used by baseliners who want to swing big and grind the rally out for long time. Their volleys tend to be a bit too spinny and sit up more than they like though.

Its not always the case for all players. Not every player will fit the norm in ideal setups.

Example : Agassi was a depolarized setup - and he had a two handed backhand and loved to work the back of the court with flat bullets over the net. He had less margin for error...but because he's Andre Agassi he was able to do it.

Rafter was a polarized setup - and he had a one hand back hand and serve/volleyed. The spinny loop in his case was used to buy him time in charging the net more often.

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