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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
What would you say is the difference between the Pure Storm and the Team version, other than the .3oz?
Hit with the regular pure storm just once and it left a very neutral feeling with me. No big likes or dislikes about the ball. No real strengths or glaring weaknesses. Preferred the crisper and slightly bigger power of similar frames like the MG radical or the KBlade 98, my old frame. Went with the Steam Team because a) the pro at this Palm Springs club just hit any shot in the book with one that was leaded up, and he touted the frame after, and b) when I checked out the specs there are subtle differences that I thought might make this one 'come alive' a bit more with some lead: bigger head size (100 sq inch to the Limited's 95 and the Pure Storm's 9, and a slightly thicker beam width. Figured if I weighed this thing up, it could be nice. Happy to say my hypothesis seems correct. This thing is crisp but so pleasant, swings effortlessly at 11.7, and the serve is SO much cleaner and easier than my Pure Storm Ltd experience, when I felt like if I didn't dime it dead center, the ball just died. Even with various lead tweaks as well.

And: the team still has a very nice 16/20 pattern that offers much directional control. Just really impressed by this sleeper. And I'm even hitting a demo that has a 1/2 grip, which is much too big for my taste in the chunky Bab grip, but still digging it nonetheless.
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