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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Lucky you. Atleast you have self-imposed limits. I just found out that I basically need to get a whole slew of new audio gear now that I've started taking production seriously, which will probably end in me spending my entire first paycheck on a new pair of monitors and a analog synth. That and tennis will practically bankrupt me.
Production is your decision, and there's nothing wrong with that I just ended up with 'audiophile' related hobbies as a lower priority than the other interests I have. Simple as that

Originally Posted by ellipticality_224 View Post
My local small business that deals in AV has a big sign over their headphone shelves and racks that reads

"That moment when you get a good pair of headphones, and hear instruments that you didn't know were there before."

My knowledge is more limited to car audio, IMO, the best place to spend money on media enjoyment, when your a college kid, who virtually lives in their car, and is on the road ALL the time, as I am. A 15 minute drive to work from my apartment, 30 minutes from work to make it home for dinner, 40 minutes to get to my parents house from my apartment for dinner, 30 minute commute to the community college from my apartment. And depending on traffic, an hour to get to the local private courts or the cities recreational park, which have good looking courts. Unlike in my part of the county (yes, county) where no one knows what tennis is, and if they do, they think its basically a commie plot, like soccer.
I'm totally supportive of anyone spending their money on something they're enthusiastic about, and/or things that make them happy (if it truly does so). I think in terms of being a true "audiophile," though, as was said above, the car is one of the worst places to spend it on. There's just too much cabin noise for truly high fidelity reproduction. I DO agree that there's plenty of things that are worth upgrading in a vehicle, though
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