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^^ Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I went back saw the slight headsize and stiffness differences and it does look more interesting to me than the standard, the 11.7oz spec you weighted it to caught my attention as well. I've hit w/most of the rackets in the tweener range where now I'm not sure what else there is left to try that sounds interesting. Currently playing with an APDGT w/lead & leather around 11.7oz, 340 SW. On one hand I like firmer, lower powered stringbeds in the APDGT and really enjoy the older BLX Blade, and going in the other direction something about the PDR2012 made me want to swing harder and play more aggressively, w/better than usual consistency too. Have any suggestions based on that? Here's a link to the frames I've already tried, edited w/the frames I liked best on top:

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