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Steamy night on the left coast.

Day 2 impressions: serves bombs. And was shocked at the accuracy, which made no sense to me. Several aces up the T, and one ball that skidded so oddly it garnered a whiff. Second serves a bit tricky. Didn't feel as 'sharp' and 'tuned' as my other frames. Sloppier. ... Groundie slices are spectacular. Forehands do this float and drop thing... My frames and the other demos drive the ball faster off the face, ball is a bit heavier, stay lower. The Steam strikes me as a grinder's dream stick though. ... Surprisingly, I did enough things well to sneak out a 6-4 set win against a 5.0-5.5er who bests me about 8 out of 10 sets we play. He uncharacteristicslly shanked the ball several times.
It's sounding good there, JG. Agree re grinder's dream stick comment. Playing later, so look forward to better understanding this racket.

Steam 99s is already in the demo,
Post up your thoughts when you do, Ray. Curious to see what you make of it as we've liked some pretty similar sticks previously.


I would've thought the 99s would be your kind of thing...?
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