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Default As a 1hbh player - can I use 2hbh for ROS?

Has anyone else used 2hbh for returning serves (particularly first serves), and a 1hbh for everything else?

I like the advantages I perceive the 1hbh to give me (better sense of 'freedom' in the stroke, better topspin production, better for hitting topspin off of high balls, better for returning kick serves, ability to flick wide balls...etc...) - but returning flat 1st serves is a nightmare.

Would using a 2hbh for ROS off 1st serve offer best of both worlds?

And, will we ever see it at the pro level? Tsonga has been messing around with 1hbh passing shots, but maybe, since his return is so awful (for a top pro), he should have been experimenting with returning with a 2hbh?
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