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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
Well did he intend to put you on the run? Or his shot is not good enough for a winner and you can defend it? The mindless attacker would either hit an UE or once in while a winner. They would feel angry if the ball is returned
Yes, its his standard set up. It pulls me way off the court and then follows up dtl. If I'm not ready for it, the cc shot can go for a winner. He has very few strageties - hit it very hard at the player in an attempt to jam them, try to hit super low margin winners while on defense like you described, or hit hard fh's cc until he gets a dtl opening or short ball. His UE rate is very high, but his cc forehand is aggressive and consistent - I avoid forehand rallies with him because its hard to keep up. I think his style/strategy is junk but he made it onto a college team with that. I just try to stay consistent at 70-80% of his speed, hit some shots he doesn't like, and put him in situations where he goes for those slim winners, and watch the UE's pile up
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