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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
^^^Yes, I've seen the vids of you hitting--I won't comment on that I have said before, just being concerned with where a ball lands and ignoring the other aspects of the shot like height, speed, spin, and where it was hit from, etc, tells you very little. Drawing conclusions based soley on where a ball happens to land is just too simple minded for me and really doesn't tell you much and is frankly a bit naive.
Now you are talking about my hitting video? Wow are you a politician or something. What in the world does my hitting video have to do with this discussion?

Like I have already said I don't need a chart, I can just turn on a mens pro match and see were the majority of their shots land. And yes there is more to it than just were the ball lands. But again the standard instruction for years and is still promoted today is that a player should keep the ball deep. Even though the pro players do not hit that deep the majority of the time.
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