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Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
i asked on andy and he said on you tube the spin was huge with graphene pro
I read that answer, but take into account that control is outstanding, and it's pretty easy to maneuver, hence you can swing out fast and with confidence, getting the spin desired, but again, the pattern is really dense and the frame lacks some natural top spin.

Here some data:
The spin window has been reduced from 6.16 to 5.91 (the head shape is more oval and it has a thicker beam) 5.91 is still a good spin window however.
Net clearance of the standard shot from 3.08 to 2.99 ( 3.08 is one of the highest only comparable to the exo3 18x20, whereas 2.99 is one of the lowest.

I feel this can be solved with a thin shaped poly at 50 and below, and all things considered I think is a great stick.
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