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Originally Posted by ruerooo View Post
There's more than one. Some of us just don't call him that on this board.

WADA said several years ago that that **** machine of Novak's enhances blood oxygen levels (and therefore endurance and recovery) sufficiently that it violates the spirit of the rules.

It's as easy for me to believe someone (multiple someones?) paid them off so it wouldn't be included as a banned process/substance, if it does basically the same thing as PED, as it is for me to believe it wasn't included because … why? It's a process, or a mechanism, as opposed to a chemical?

I mean, really.

ofc there are more than one, i said both.
and you know he is using it how? someone wrote about it? well if it was in the press then it must be true! right?
besides if that 'egg' is deemed legal for whatever reasons and offers the same results as using ped's, then let me ask you this, why in gods name would anyone use illegal ped's and risk their career because of it and not simply use this 'legal' device.

boggles the mind, watching people grasp for straws.
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