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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I have never seen that version with his signature in green on the side.
Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
Me too!! Very interested to see a pic!
Here we go

Having had another good look at this racket, I've changed my mind again about the year. Originally I said 1991, but rather than being too late, I think I might have been too early! The racket only says "Grafil" on the side, it has the "200g" on the other side in the smaller font, and has the individual later throat grommets. All this says early 90's rather than 1988.

As VSB pointed out McEnroe was only signed with Dunlop until 1988, so why would he have a signature racket after that. But Pauloraz has mentioned that McEnroe was contracted again with Dunlop from Spring 1992 (after the Aus Open) for at least the rest of that year. So I think this could be last Max200G made (definitely in this paintjob) actually from 1992, and we know Mac used this paintjob of the Max200g pro in 1992 now (again thanks to Pauloraz) only probably without this green signature on the side, so this would make sense. The racket is rare, I've only ever seen 2 of them, so it could be a prototype, but I'm sure now that it is from 1992!

Incidently I'm sure it isn't one of Mac's personal rackets, as it has a gripsize sticker saying L4, and McEnroe definitely always seemed to use a size 5, and I actually have one of his customized Max200g pro rackets in this paintjob, and it doesn't have his signature on the side.

So I've changed the year on list now to 1992, what do you think?

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