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It's not an error but simply following Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Encyclopedic content must be verifiable in reliable, published sources and a forum with user-generated content does not qualify as a reliable, published source. That is in no way a judgement on the quality of your Wilding article and result list, which is excellent, but simply Wikipedia policy. Also note that the article and original table with Wilding's singles titles already existed and I merely augmented it with results, opponents, dates, surfaces and some additional tournaments. Not having access to some of the sources you used (“Lawn Tennis and Badminton” and “Der Lawn-Tennis-Sport”) I referenced all results individually using mainly online newspaper archives.
First of all, the pre-existing template for Tony Wilding's results in wikipedia was, if I'm not mistaken, created by timnz, who is a member online here at "talktennis" and who had planned to update the wikipedia entry on Tony Wilding using most of the results I posted. You can check timnz's previous posts within this very thread to verify this.

Secondly, the published sources I used are as reliable as the sources you quote in the wikipedia article, although not, perhaps, as freely available. Not having access to some of the sources I used, you used most of the results from those same sources, but without mentioning them.

Thirdly, I don't think wikipedia is a one hundred per cent reliable source and I have never posted anything on it.

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