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No, they wouldn't and there is where the problem is. I've come across several women that hit at men much less women. I remember playing against a college woman once. She was all of 6'0 tall and wasn't much difference between her build and her male partner(ex NFL running back with a winning Superbowl team). She unloaded on me at the net for the better part of a set in a half. They were kickin us as well. So the first chance I got, I unloaded on her and I thought we were going to have to stop the match from all the drama that unfolded. It was 9.0 mixed first of all and second of was the finals...third...she had unloaded at me several times. I hate it when women do that. She also played d1 college(I forget where) but she could hit it. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Lord knows I was taking the bombs and the @$$whipping at the same time. I not one time complained about it...vollied most of them back but that is not the point. If you are going to unload then you certainly should be expected to be unloaded upon. She knew what she was doing because she never did that to my wife...but only at me. So it was by design and I had no problem with it.

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This whole thread surprises me! I'm shocked that this is even an issue or question!

Would you all have as much of a problem if the woman was the stronger player and was going after ("hunting") the weaker player on the other team?
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