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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
Is that new? Are there specific restrictions or parameters such as acceptable time of year and/or age of the student. The reason I ask is I know otherwise.

This is the D2 rule. D1 is similar with additional restrictions but could not find them. I just don't have time. Would like to see it if someone can post it. Private Lessons.
An institution's equestrian, golf or tennis coach may teach private equestrian, golf or tennis lessons to a prospective student-athlete in 9th grade or above, provided the following conditions are met, All other sports may give lessons to students in eight grade or below following the same procedure: (Adopted: 1/14/97, effective 8/1/97, Revised: 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06)
(a) The coach makes lessons available to the general public;
(b) Fees charged to the prospective student-athlete are at a rate commensurate with fees charged to all individuals;
(c) Prior written approval is received annually from the institution's president or chancellor; (Revised: 10/3/05)
(d) Fees of the prospective student-athlete are not paid by individuals or entities other than the prospective student-athlete's relatives or legal guardian(s); and (Revised: 1/9/06)
(e) The institution keeps on file in the office of the director of athletics documentation of the fee charged for the private lessons and the name of any individual receiving any portion of the fee.
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