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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
Do any of the top 50 pros use these racquets?

Kids, juniors and rec players want to use what their favourite players use.... Or at least the sam brand /style of stick.

I am not sure this logic applies necessarily. Yes, to compete with Babolat, Head, and Wilson, you would need a representative player to use it on the tour. However, to stay in business, you need a quality product. Pro Kennex, Volkl are companies who do not sponsor many top players. Yet their rackets are used and appreciated in many circles, including on the challenger tour. The C10 Pro is one example. Another example is the Prince Mid Diablo, and POG which aren't "endorsed" by any player on the tour, yet they sell good numbers.

I think the issue with BB, judging by the company's website is a lack of professional management. It seems that both product line and general commercialization lack focus. I don't think Boris pays too much attention to what's going on. He probably licensed his name and that was that.
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