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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
Somebody mentioned above that the audience for a women's sport is smaller than for the men in the same sport. Not entirely true. A study by one of the news wire services found that after football, perhaps the most watched sport in America is actually women's figure skating (you can find it on TV almost every Sunday in the winter), which has a much larger audience than men's figure skating.
I don't believe figure skating is the 2nd most popular sports... not by a long shot.

It is not gender inequality, it's how the business world works. Your value is tied to the amount of revenue you generate. Why are men/women slams paying the same then? Probably because the backlash from such an unPC move as not giving equal pay would be more devastating to revenues than just shelling out the extra cash. And to be fair womens tennis at one point was generating more buzz in the US than mens.

It's not about playing the same amount of sets or doing the same amount of work, it's about how much money you bring in to your employer. Contrary to what is taught in school we don't care how hard you work, we care about results. There is no A for effort. Though more likely than not an A for effort will also get you an A for results

That is why female supermodels, figure skaters, porn stars(lol), waitresses/bartenders, even construction(though I can't figure out why on this one) make more than their male counter parts. But, you'll never hear complaints about that.

With that being said, don't confuse this with me implying that gender inequality in the work place does not exist.
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