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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
Free? No loss in control, maneuverability, comfort?
Yes, IMO, free.

I much prefer a crisp (stiffer) frame over a flexy frame. And I don't find the PDR+ too stiff... I can feel it flex on serves and when I take a good cut on ground strokes, but it remains stiff on volleys and defensive stabs. While the PST isn't too flexy, it just doesn't have that crisp feel of the Pure Drive. Comfort is hard to define and is very subjective.

As far as maneuverability goes, the heavier PST and the slightly lighter (but longer) PDR+ feel almost identical to me in terms of swingweight and maneuverability.

I suppose the PST has slightly more control than the PDR+, but not enough to be significant for me. As I increase my swingspeed with the PDR+, it imparts more topspin on the ball... which in turn helps keep it in the court. With the PST, the ball comes off much flatter... but with less power, I can still swing harder and keep the ball in without the extra topspin that I can get with the PDR+. Hope that makes sense.
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