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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post

Now I am using a hybrid of BBO/ALUR, and it is lasting me about twice as long as full ALU, maybe 1 hour to 3 hours.

The BBO/ALUR needs to be strung MUCH MUCH looser than full ALU since the BBO is so stiff. But the BBO bites like hell, and the ALU gives it a bit of pop.

It is a different feeling blend, but I like it just as much, if it lasts twice as long for you and costs about the same, I consider that a win.

That's a good idea too. BBO definitely has better tension maintenance and durability, and with ALU cross, you have some of the unique feel there of ALU involved, so that is a decent idea.

But generally as everyone has noted, every string is going to play/feel/last differently, so there are no exact copies.
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