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I used to be a 5.5 college player but now I am 4.5 240lbs hack who recently just got bumped back up to 5.0, don't know why

Anyway, you all know me, I bought the frame and tested it with free wilson 16g at mid, the strings moved like crazy and it was powerful, had issues with directional control on some flatter shots, cut strings off and installed lux original at mid, strings did not move, frame was a little better but not my cup of tea. My wife who played 3.5 nationals did not like it as well, she said it was heavy and powerful. My son who is 10 and nationally ranked did not like it as well. OTOH We all like the new 2013 babolat aero lite with a little lead, very soft and muted frame,

I am going to strip the bumper on the 99S and add lead at grip to make it more HL and less weight, install 17g copoly and give it one last try before it goes out for sale. had issue with grip not long enough for THBH, frame seemed too throaty for a lack of a better word,

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