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Originally Posted by yourmailman View Post
Unorthodox Stinging,

I know you have been reading this thread, but I want to reiterate that I really like my natural gut setup at 30#. It actually seems to infuse a little more spin and power than that syn-gut or hybrid setups.


If you are up for some more experimenting, try going to a 120mm string in at least the crosses. The thinner strings might also help with your loss of directional control. It did for me.

Glad you like the thread.
Thanks for your kind words. I'm just returning to tennis after more than a decade's layoff

With the ridiculous amount of spin with syn gut at low tension, to add more by using nat gut would probably allow me to "boomerang" my shots and play tennis alone!

I did note you preferred 18g strings at 30lbs. That's why i made adjustments and strung at 35/33 lbs with my 16g and 17g string respectively. I thought that would be similar to your full 18g setup. I will try full 30lbs as soon as i can get hold of 18g strings

Did u have any string buzz problem with poly at 30lbs?
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