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Gads, awesome work on digging up a real sleeper in the Pure Storm Team. As we know in this thread, the PSTGT is one of my all time favorites, and so I have to say this is very impressive stuff.

The question is what the SW is - where did you put the lead?

Blades at 339 are a go. They still swing rather light so I do not notice much of a difference except more plow. The stick I am using has 4 grams in the handle and 2 at the tip. I will try the other with 6 grams in the handle, 2 at the tip next. SWs are close to 340.

Unfortunately my right knee has decided to twinge in pain sometimes when I land from a split step. It was really bugging me for a bit last night and I could not move that well. It seems like it is dependent on the angle of my foot when I land. Any idea what that may be, or is it just the cold weather?

Knee sleeves or brace suggestions are welcome

Also, Gads. Not sure if you ever Juiced, but the Juice Pro sounds so much like your pro stocks. XL length, close to 12 ounces, high SW close to 340. Plus it is the 16x20 pattern, which as we know is a potential Holic Goat since half of us can not make up our minds anymore on

All I will say is that my friend has great taste in classic sticks, and once he demoed the JP he was sold and has not looked back.
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