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God, I'm so old, I can barely remember some of them. I've seen many dozens, but of the celebrities I've "met", meaning anything from shaking hands and saying "hello I like your work" to a longer conversation or extensive interaction, here are some:

Al Pacino
Jack Nicholson
Phil Esposito
Mary Tyler Moore
Cameron Diaz
Lee Marvin
Robert Redford
David Bowie
Woody Harrelson
Ray Manzarek
Tony Danza
Carroll O'Connor
Matt Dillon
Cuba Gooding, JR
Tom Brokow
Uma Thurman
Liza Minelli
Amy Adams
Eric Burden
Julianne Moore
Denis Leary
Spike Lee
Richard Dreyfus
Paul Simon (the senator, not the singer)
Toni Nadal
Tommy Robredo

I will probably think of more, and add them later.

(And since I arleady know all the circumstances and details of these encounters, I hardly need to list them to satisfy my curiosity)

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