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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
If you compared the total amount of money spent in the US on tennis where the parents are planning/hoping for a tennis scholarship to the total amount of money/value awarded to US kids for tennis scholarships does anyone think it would be even close? Over the years I have seen a lot of money spent and very little money received.

Tennis for juniors cannot be about college scholarships. If it is purely financial return you are looking for tennis does not make the cut.

That being said I think tennis is a great opportunity for many reasons.
It's nice for kids to have a dream. Most boys playing Pee Wee football would want to play for NFL; T-ball players want to be a MLB star; so tennis is no exception - boys wanted to play in US Open. But most parents just don't know how hard it is to get even a partial tennis scholarship. The expectation for tennis scholarship may be too high, as Ross pointed out.

There have been some really good discussions about the benefit for kids to play tennis,
- it's a life-long sport; a fun game; developing good health; stay in shape; like golf, it provides great opportunities for networking and connections - for kids as well as adults
- tennis players are generally nice kids from respectable families; most excel academically; well behaved in classroom; they may be a group of kids least likely to smoke, drink or do drugs, or being a teenage parent
- tennis allows our kids to develop friendship with other kids hundreds or even thousands miles away
- tennis training allows our kids to develop good time-management skills that would benefit them in college and and beyond
- like other sports, tennis builds self-confidence, improves mental toughness and independence
- tennis can really help develop a strong parent-kid relationship; so don't yell at them after their tough loss!
- tennis is one of the best extracurricular activities that our kids can show a college admission officer
- tennis help our kids getting into elite schools
- for girls, getting tennis scholarship is realistic - a huge bonus
- I am not quite convinced on this, but Ross thinks our kids will have a good chance of meeting their future employers or sponsors at tournaments
- But I am more convinced that a tennis boy and a tennis girl would make a better and happier family

So, parents, just continue to spend $$$ on privates, tournaments, equipment... We are now talking about the return of our investment way beyond tennis scholarship, it could have something to do with our grand children
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