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I could agree more with one exception. I don't think anyone could identify a racket was strung on a KM or the best stringer in the world. I do think it is far easier to have consistancy results with a better machine but I would challenge anyone to tell me which machine a racket was strung on.

Normally I don't reply to these threads about which machine is best for me because only you know the right answer to that question. But if you want the most affordable machine for a home stringer buy a cheap drop weight. If you are going to open a pro shop and will have different people using the same machine and want consistent results in a short period of time cranks and drop weights ahold not be on your list.

Now some are going to say these automatic drop weights are consistent. I am going to say you can't not set a drop weight of any kind to a specific value within +/- 0.1 lb 3 times in a row. Maybe +/- 0.5 lbs would be good. If that's the best you can do then why not just use a normal drop weight and forget paying the extra money for "automatic drop weight" marketing jumbo jumbo.
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