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Originally Posted by Jeff Nuese View Post
This was an interesting hit. Loved the weight and balance right out of the box, had nice blend of power and feel , only downside was the frame was a tad harsh and rigid.. seemed to hurt the elbow and shoulder after playing a few sets, ultimately I had to move on from the demo curious to see if the harshness would leave with a soft multi at a lower tension...nice frame, too harsh for me..
I have to agree with you here. Even though the specs say stiffness is 66 I feel like it really is closer to 70.

I strung mine with a poly/multi hybrid and I still get some minor soreness in my shoulder after long hitting sessions. When hitting my Dunlop Bio 200 lite or my friends Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95 I can immediately tell that this racquet is much more stiff/harsh.

Even though I posted earlier about not adding lead I ended up changing my mind. I found that my volleys were really suffering with this racquet as it all to often tourqued in my hand and I was mishitting volleys and overheads.

I added exactly 9 grams of lead to the racquet. 3 @12oclock, 3 @3oclock, 3@9oclock. Now the racquet has become solid as a rock for me and very stable even on hard groundstrokes hit at me. My volleys have more stick to them and I am not mishitting the ball as often.

I have been very happy with my decision to add the lead in the hoop of my racquet.
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