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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Since the biggest issue with the 99s seems to be poly tension loss, maybe the optimum setup for it is natural gut mains and copoly cross? Nat gut is the BEST string for retaining tension and will help to "mask" the copoly when it starts losing tension. The key then is to find the best tension for this hybrid, since it will have a lot of power.
I am thinking around 64/58? Has anyone else tried a nat gut/copoly setup and what were your results?
I've got some Babs 16G VS on the way and am going to take a leap of faith and string full bed at mid tension. The cheap,free 16g syn gut that TW strings with feels pretty good at mid and that is where I'm going to start. I'm not a string breaker and have had good luck with 17G VS in my 16x19s, so I don't this will be horrible. Even though gut is more expensive, still seems to be a cheaper path than having to restring poly so fast. I'll report back on the gut, but it will be next week before i'll get it in and be able to hit withit. Meanwhile, I'll keep a close eye on 99s posts to see if anyone has cracked "the code". Man, I'm having fun right now.
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