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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Somewhat comforting that even the greats had their own frustrations with junkballers/pushers.
LOL..good point.

When I was a kid BG played a tournament near me. I hated the guy, hated his ugly Fox racquet and taunted him subtly the entire match. He got p1sst and starting thumping balls at the signs underneath where I was sitting. but since I was not bothering the match and not being obvious, plus being around 10 years old there was nothing he could do but deal with it. Still remember that dude glaring at It was great. for the record he was playing (then unknown) Mal Washington. A super nice guy who was my favorite player behind Agassi.

Mal won the match and I got to meet him afterwards.

I don't think anyone like gilbert on tour, but thats ok. It won him matches. He was a pro level version of "that guy" who annoys us all on the tennis courts.
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